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St Giles is an award-winning charity using expertise and lived experiences to empower people who are not getting the help they need, held back by poverty, exploited, abused, dealing with mental health problems, caught up in crime or a combination of these issues.

St. Giles enables people to overcome adversity through peer-based social action. The services we provide for 25,000 people each year cover help for vulnerable young people involved in or at risk of criminal exploitation, services helping adults and young people facing unemployment and poverty, help for vulnerable women and their families, prison and community-based support for people in the criminal justice system and specialist support for adults facing complex barriers.


Many of the St. Giles employees have been in the same circumstances and use their experiences to inspire and support those living through it right now. Being helped by someone who has ‘been there’ is powerful and underpins all of our projects.

Nicky Park


Nicky Park has worked within Criminal Justice for 18 years. Starting out as a front line caseworker in the male estate before completing my MA in Criminology, with a specific focus on women. Since 2013 Nicky has lead St Giles Trust in developing and delivering gender specific services providing holistic, tailored support to women and girls at risk or involved with the criminal justice system whilst recognizing the importance of embedding this learning within our male criminal justice services and early intervention programs. 


Nicky has been a member of St Giles’ senior management team since 2016, setting up women’s and girls’ services across East of England, North Yorkshire and West Midlands and embedding pro-social modelling across our intervention services. She is also the trauma lead for the organization, designing and embedding assured training and gaining our Bronze Quality Mark.

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Evan Jones


Evan works for St Giles Trust, a charity that supports ex-offenders and other vulnerable groups. He has developed and works on a range of projects including SOS Gangs, County Lines, Family Support and Through the Gates. He now focuses on developing Gangs/ SYV/ county lines projects across England and Wales.

Evan has worked in homelessness and offender services since the late 80s both in the statutory and voluntary sectors. His roles have included resettlement, shared housing management, floating support, street outreach and housing allocation.

St Giles Trust was among the first agencies to identify and campaign on county lines, raising awareness and are now delivering county lines support services in London and elsewhere.

St Giles trains and employs former service users to deliver its services; providing credible and capable staff who clients want to engage with; this is the Peer Advisor model and runs through all our work

Serious Youth Violence

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