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Alexandra Malizia

Executive Board Committee Member

Alexandra has served on ASPA-CJ Interim board working on the development of the criminal justice section. Her primary focus of study are healthcare policy initiatives to the under-served population groups.

She puts forth her efforts to educate local leaders to understand the connection between homelessness and the criminal justice system by developing strategies that better address homelessness, reduce the use of jails, build stronger communities, and ensure everyone has access to safe and stable housing.

Alexandra's professional experience in healthcare administration, advocacy and policy making has given her an understanding of the intersection of homelessness, mental illness and criminal justice, while emphasizing the importance of addressing the needs of this population in an integrated and holistic manner. While working in respite administration at Boston's Healthcare for the Homeless Program, she works with organizations and communities to create and implement policies, programs and interventions that can reduce recidivism, improve access to services and reduce the number of homeless individuals who enter the criminal justice system. She is passionate about working to reduce the disparities in access to healthcare and other services for homeless individuals and is committed to promoting positive change in this area.

As a member of the Executive board, she plans to use her position as a way to grant opportunities, provide new resources and advocate to the public to enhance criminal justice and mental health administration to better serve the community.

Alexandra Malizia
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