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American Society for Public Administration - Criminal Justice

Meet the Executive Board

This 8-person committee was elected by the members of the American Society for Public Administration's Criminal Justice Section. In alliance with ASPA-CJ's bylaws, this board serves and assists in the advancement and professional development of the art of administration and management as it relates to the process of criminal justice.


Brenda Bond-Fortier

Executive Board Committee Member

Brenda is a nationally respected and recognized scholar who is valued by practitioners and policymakers for her participation and contributions to public practice and management.

Richard Hough

Executive Board Committee Member

Dr. Richard Hough is Professor of Practice in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in criminal justice management and policy.

Clarence Augustus Martin

Executive Board Committee Member

Clarence Augustus “Gus” Martin is founding Director of the School of Public Service and Justice at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Brian N. Williams

Executive Board Committee Member

Brian Williams is the Founder and Director of the Public Engagement in Governance Looking, Listening & Learning Laboratory (PEGLLLLab).

Linda-Marie Sundstrom

Executive Board Committee Member

Dr. Sundstrom has worked in the public sector as well as academia for the past 30 years. Her research has primarily centered on the impacts government has on communities.

Stephen Morreale

Executive Board Committee Member

Dr. Stephen A. Morreale is former chair and Full Professor of Criminal Justice at Worcester State University.

Paul Hamrick

Executive Board Committee Member

Paul is a Senior Executive with over 35 years of investigations, intelligence, and training experience.

Alexandra Malizia MPA

Executive Board Committee Member

Alexandra serves as a respite administrator at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program.

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