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Linda-Marie Sundstrom

Executive Board Committee Member

Over the past two years, she wrote a monthly columns focusing on criminal justice reform, and the collective impacts on crime resulting from the interactions between the three branches of government. Her work includes the vantage point of equity and fairness for the accused as well as safety and justice for the victims.

According to Linda Sundstrom, criminal Justice reform needs to consider the system impacts on those accused, on the victims and on society at large.  For the past two years, she has written a monthly column on Criminal Justice issues along with other co-authors.  Where she explores issues related to laws (impacts of the legislative branch), enforcement and prosecution, the judicial system and incarceration.  She also ivestigates additional topics such as fentanyl-related fatalities, shoplifting, transgender rights and safety in the prison system, the role of the School Resource Offices and whether their presence fosters the school to prison pipeline, among many other issues.

Linda-Marie Sundstrom
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